Algal Wastewater Treatment Lab

Algal Wastewater Treatment Lab

Iowa State University researchers have built a mobile algal wastewater treatment lab, which contains a pilot-scale algal treatment system. This lab can be transported to treat wastewater at municipal treatment facilities and industries producing large volumes of wastewater throughout the state of Iowa.

The mobile lab is a greenhouse-like chamber which provides sufficient environmental conditions for the algal culture. It has transparent walls and contains storage tanks, a power generator, and a small work area for taking measurements of basic parameters such as total nitrogen, total phosphorus, ammonia, and carbonaceous biochemical oxygen demand.

Revolving algal biofilm (RAB) treatment system

The pilot-scale revolving algal biofilm (RAB) treatment system located in the Algal Wastewater Treatment Lab.

The pilot-scale algal treatment system, known as the revolving algal biofilm (RAB) treatment system, is located inside the trailer and consists of a tank that holds 1,000 liters of wastewater and multiple algal attachment material sheets with a total of 50 m2 of attachment area.

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