Telescopic Handler


The BioCentury Research Farm helps initiate and conduct research and demonstration of new biofuels production technologies. The Farm's modern facilities and equipment are available to aid in research activities including biomass production and cropping systems; harvest, storage, and transportation logistics of biomass supply; and biomass processing. Research can be carried out at or near full production scale.

The BioCentury Research Farm brings together scientific expertise to develop sustainable bioenergy technologies. Faculty affiliates are comprised of highly skilled researchers from diverse backgrounds including engineering, agronomic, biological, and social sciences.

The BioCentury Research Farm provides a venue for educating and training future scientists, producers, and Extension experts. It also provides research and outreach partnership opportunities with industry.

The BioCentury Research Farm has vast capabilities not available at other public institutions. The facility houses equipment that is owned, scheduled, operated, and maintained by the BioCentury Research Farm. These capabilities can be accessed through Andy Suby, manager of the Biomass Processing Facility. Other equipment is owned, scheduled, operated and maintained by individual faculty members who locate their programs at the BioCentury Research Farm. These capabilities may be accessible at the discretion of the faculty member.

Equipment Capabilities


Lifts and Loaders

Conversion (Drying, Grinding and Pretreatment; Biochemical Processing; and Thermochemical Processing)

Available Services

  • Drying
  • Grinding and Milling
  • Pelletizing
  • Bale Coring (on-site): includes coring and the moisture and ash content measurement of the core