Biomass Storage and Pretreatment Building

The Biomass Storage and Pretreatment Building is 9,000 square feet and has equipment available to handle, dry, and grind large quantities (up to 2 tons per day) of biomass. Dry storage of 20 tons of different types of biomass is possible. This building has various dryers, grinders, mills, and sieves to process biomass feedstocks.The biomass grinder is located under an adjacent open-sided, covered-roof structure to minimize risk of dust explosion.

A drying and grinding control room provides workers a climate controlled, dust-free environment to oversee the drying and grinding of various biomass feedstocks. It features a computer interface that can operate the entire system of conveyor belts, surge hoppers, hammer mills and a dryer. Large windows and a camera monitoring setup allow workers to observe the system while it is running.

The Biomass Storage and Pretreatment Building features a fine particle biomass preparation lab that is used for fine grinding, sieving, size distribution determination, pelleting, milling, and briquetting. The lab is designed to accommodate 12 independent equipment stations.

The BioCentury Research Farm is one of the few facilities in the nation capable of grinding and sizing large quantities of biomass feedstocks. The farm is currently working with the National Advanced Biofuels Consortium to supply its members with high-quality ground and sized feedstocks for various projects.

Fine particle biomass preparation lab
Fine particle biomass preparation lab