Lawrence Johnson

Retiring Director Lawrence Johnson takes a look back on his time at Iowa State University and his plans for the future.

Construction on the new pilot plant

Construction resumed on the new biopolymers pilot plant and a number of thermochemcial projects are underway.

Loading corn stover bales

Corn stover harvesters are trained by and have access to support from Iowa State University researchers.


The loan of two tractors by New Holland Agriculture to BCRF has provided new options for its biomass research projects.

Welcome to the BioCentury Research Farm

The Iowa State University BioCentury Research Farm is the first-in-the-nation integrated research and demonstration facility dedicated to biomass production and processing. This facility presents a unique opportunity for industry collaboration. It will accelerate innovation and production capacity associated with biobased fuels, chemicals, and products.

The BioCentury Research Farm is a College of Agriculture and Life Sciences facility and is managed by the Center for Crops Utilization Research. Additional funding provided by Plant Sciences Institute, Center for Industrial Research and Service, and Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost. The BioCentury Research Farm closely partners with Bioeconomy Institute on research, demonstration, and commercialization.