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March-April 2017 Newsletter

Featuring news about BioCentury Research Farm activites and faculty affiliates

Poster Competition for ISU Undergraduate and Graduate Students

The Center for Crops Utilization and the BioCentury Research Farm hosted a poster competition for Iowa State University undergraduate and graduate students engaged in food, feed and biorenewables research activities. The competition was held on April 20 in the Food Sciences Building. A list of the winners can be found at

January-February 2017 Newsletter

Featuring news about BioCentury Research Farm activites and faculty affiliates

Iowa State spinoff sees small towns using algae to clean water

From Des Moines Register

Two Iowa State University scientists believe algae can help cut costs for hundreds of small Iowa towns that face up to $1 billion to upgrade their wastewater treatment to meet tougher clean water standards. Article features BCRF's Darren Jarboe, Martin Gross and Zhiyou Wen. Read More»

Iowa State University Improves Algae Technology to Treat Wastewater for Communities and Businesses

Iowa State University technology that improves the efficiency of wastewater reclamation using algae has gotten the attention of small Iowa communities and the largest wastewater treatment system in the world. Read More»

Iowa State engineer helps journal highlight how pyrolysis can advance the bioeconomy

Iowa State's Robert C. Brown is a guest editor of the current issue of the journal Energy Technology. The special issue features 20 scientific papers about Brown's specialty: using pyrolysis technologies to convert biomass into fuels, chemicals and fertilizers. The special issue is all about an "improved understanding of the fundamental chemical, physical, and catalytic processes underlying pyrolysis technology.” Read More»

Research presents ideas to create more renewable energy, reduce polution

From Iowa State Daily

BCRF affiliate Emily Heaton, associate professor of agronomy, discussed 'perennial power' and the economy at a recent Osborn Club meeting. Read More»