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Algae Technologies

The Algal Production Facility

Algal Production Facility

The 720‑square‑foot algal production facility is equipped to quickly grow substantial amounts of algal biomass for on‑ and off‑campus research projects including renewable fuels, biobased products, nutraceuticals and livestock feed. It enables researchers to conduct pilot‑scale research year‑round in a geothermally heated and cooled greenhouse. Approximately 1.3 to 4.5 kilograms of dried algal biomass can be produced per week. The facility is outfitted with various cultivation systems including raceway ponds, flat panel photobioreactors, and biofilm‑based reactors. A portable pilot‑scale biofilm algal biomass production system is available to set up at remote locations. The facility also has a research lab outfitted with smaller cultivation systems and growth and sample analysis equipment.


The Algal Production Facility enables researchers to conduct pilot-scale research year-round in a geothermally heated and cooled greenhouse. The facility includes:

  • Two 3,000-L raceway ponds
  • Four 200-L flat panel photobioreactors
  • One 250 ft2 biofilm-based reactor

The facility's research laboratory includes:

  • Long-term viable algal agar slant storage system
  • Flask culture systems
  • Tubular airlift photobioreactors (300 to 2,000 mL)
  • Flat panel photobioreactors (4 to 16 L)

The facility has access to various growth and sample analysis technologies that can assess:

  • Temperature
  • Light intensity
  • pH
  • Cell density
  • Moisture content
  • Lipid, protein, carbohydrate and ash contents

Inside the Algal Production Facility showing different pieces of equipment.