Students in front of several computer monitors, with text overlay A Decade of Success, Advancing Science-Based Innovations
  • BCRF has led over $40M in grant funding and directly supported another $45M in grant funding at Iowa State University since 2009
  • BCRF supports over 50 sponsored research and industry service projects annually.
  • 30% of all industry sponsored research at Iowa State University is supported by BCRF
  • External grants have supported 260 staff-years of employment with a direct economic impact of over $15M to the local economy
  • BCRF innovations have led to 25+ patents and technology license agreements with private industry
  • 10 Iowa-based companies have utilized BCRF to successfully startup or expand their businesses
  • Since 2009 BCRF has provided experiential learning opportunities for 260 undergraduates with over 325,000 hours of undergraduate employment.
  • Over 15,000 visitors have been hosted at BCRF since 2009 including farmer organizations, industry groups, government officials, and international interest groups.
Two workers in hardhats inspecting industrial equipment

Two researchers in Iowa State University lab coats holding small sample containers