Bale Processor
Bale processor

Round Bale Processor


Vermeer Corporation


BP 8000


Available for scheduled use. Contact Andy Suby at or (515) 296-6300 for availability.


The BP 8000 Grinder uses self-contained forks to hydraulically lift and load bales. It has adjustable hydraulic lift forks, from 42” to 30” (inside dimension), to match the bale size. Hydraulic feed rollers rotate and loosen the material for uniform material flow. A large-diameter PTO-powered drum with tempered spring steel flails processes the hay. It has left and right hand discharge. A cutting knife slides along the entire length of the flail drum to slice away twine buildup. It can process approximately 10 tons per day of round baled material throughput depending on material/moisture content. Size is about 4” minus.