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Opportunities for Industry

Accessing Capabilities

Accessing the capabilities of the BioCentury Research Farm can be accomplished by contacting the BioCentury Research Farm Administrative Team or the Bioeconomy Institute.

Ways to Partner

The BioCentury Research Farm offers a variety of ways industry can collaborate with Iowa State University on biofuels and biobased products depending on their research needs:

Collaborative Projects
Companies can work at the BioCentury Research Farm through joint solicitations or industry sponsorships. Oftentimes, industry funds can be highly leveraged through Federal and State agencies. Iowa State is uniquely positioned to prepare joint proposals with industry. Ownership of intellectual property follows rules of inventorship and patents are often co-owned. We will connect industry with appropriate faculty experts who can carry out portions of the work plan.

Fee for Service
Companies can conduct research on-site effectively using the available expertise, resources, and unique research facilities. This includes equipment and space rental and assistance with equipment usage.  This work is carried out by Iowa State University staff and Iowa State University makes no claims on intellectual property when conducting services for fee.

Space and Equipment Leases
Companies can lease space and equipment to conduct proprietary research.

Benefits to Industry Partners

  • Provide cost-effective technology development and demonstration
  • Access to some of the best experts in the world on biomass production, supply chain management, and biofuels conversion
  • Synergize research expertise, resources, and state-of-the-art facilities to advance biomass production and processing
  • Accelerate solution development for technological challenges in developing biofuels and value-added biobased products
  • Expedite development of pilot-scale biorefinery technologies using biomass feedstocks

For More Information

For additional information regarding partnership opportunities, please contact:

Andy Suby
BioCentury Research Farm Manager
(515) 296-6039