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Overview of Services

Our Main Services

  • Research plots and acreages for feedstock production
  • Year‑round development and testing of harvest, storage and transport equipment
  • Hydraulic presses for biomass compaction studies
  • Dry storage for up to 40 tons of biomass
  • Handle, dry and mill up to 2.5 tons of biomass per day
  • Fine milling, sieving and pelletizing
  • Large pilot‑scale biochemical conversion of biomass including a dry‑grind ethanol plant
  • Thermochemical processing using pilot‑scale fast pyrolysis and gasification
  • Pilot‑scale algal cultivation systems
  • Large pilot‑scale biopolymers processing
  • Support for small business incubator activities
  • Technical consulting services

For more information about the services we offer, contact:

Andy Suby
BioCentury Research Farm Manager
(515) 296-6039