Video Gallery

Preparing Red Oak Using a Fully Automated Belt Dryer and Hammermill, April 2016

Preparing red oak using a fully automated belt dryer and hammermill. At the beginning of this single-pass drying process, the red oak chips started at 60% moisture and were dried and milled to 1/8" at 10% moisture.

Switchgrass Harvest, December 2015

Harvesting switchgrass at an Iowa State University research field. Harvesting was completed by members of Emily Heaton’s research team. Heaton is an associate professor in agronomy at Iowa State University and a BioCentury Research Farm affiliate. The switchgrass field is part of the North Central Sun Grant Regional Feedstock Partnership, funded by the Department of Energy and United States Department of Agriculture. Machinery is on loan from New Holland Agriculture.

Stacking Corn Stover Bales, Fall 2015

Corn stover bales were delivered and stacked at the BioCentury Research Farm for storage trials.

Algal Production Facility

The Algal Production Facility is Iowa State University's first pilot-scale facility equipped to grow substantial amounts of algal biomass for on- and off-campus research projects.

1,000-L Fermentor

Hui Wang, CCUR pilot plant manager, and John Strohl, fermentation facility manager, are running a 1,000-liter corn ethanol fermentation and downstream decanting.


A worker is using the telehandler to stack corn stover bales. The telehandler is used for stacking and weighing square corn stover bales.